Here are 15 amazing Guava benefits, ranging that range from antioxidant-rich to a stress-buster and a boost to your immunity. We’ve also highlighted the advantages of guava to your skin that you’d love to know about.

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  • Guava is among the most abundant sources of diet fiber.
  • In addition to immunity, guava does wonders for the skin and boosts fertility.
  • Guava is also helpful in regulating metabolism, leading to weight reduction.

Did you not have been able to enjoy a bowl of Guavas coated with masala chaat over it? It is the only thing that can come close to the delicious jams jelly, jellies, as well as murabbaslaced with an intoxicating sweet and strong scent. Undoubtedly, it’s a fruit that always earned plenty of praise from our mothers. Guava, also known in Hindi as amrood in Hindi is stuffed with tiny seeds that are hard at the middle. It is believed that it had its beginnings from Central America where it is also known by the name of “sand plum”. It’s round or oval in shape, with light yellow or light green skin. The color of its flesh ranges from pink or white to dark red. It also has food-grade seeds. Apart from its distinct flavor and aroma Guava is regarded to be one of the most nutritious fruits because of the many benefits to health it can provide. It is indeed an absolute superfood full with nutrients. “This humble fruit is extremely high in vitamin C, antioxidants and lycopene that are beneficial to skin. Guavas are also high in manganese, which assists the body absorb essential nutrients from the foods we consume. Guava’s benefits are due to folate’s presence, mineral that aids in promoting fertility. Guavas are rich in potassium, which helps lower blood pressure levels, too. Actually, both the same amount of a banana as well as a guava both contain nearly the same amount of potassium. Because it is a source of around 80 percent water, it aids in keeping your skin moisturized” according to doctor. Manoj K. Ahuja, Sukhda Hospital.

Guava Nutritional Value

Guavas offer a wealth of benefits and today we’ll examine the nutritional value of guavas. A 100g portion of the fruit has only 68 calories, and 8.92 grams of sugar, according to information from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Guavas are also high in calcium, as they have 18 grams of calcium per 100 grams of fruit. Also, it contains 22 grams of magnesium for every 100 grams from the fruit in addition to significant quantities of phosphorus as well as potassium – 40 and 417 grams per 100 grams respectively.

These are the 15 amazing Guava benefits to wellbeing and skin you must be aware of:

Guava’s benefits to Skin
1. Immunity Booster

Did you know that Guavas are among the most abundant food sources for Vitamin C? It’s true. Guava fruit is a great source of 4 times the amount of vitamin C found on citrus fruits. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and guards against pathogens and common infections. Furthermore, it keeps your eyes well-maintained.

2. Lowers the Risk of Cancer

“Lycopene quercetin, quercetin as well as vitamins C along with other polyphenols work as potent antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that are generated within our bodies, hindering the development of cancerous cells. Guava fruit has been proven to be extremely effective in reducing the risk of prostate cancer and also inhibiting the growth of breast cancerous cells because it is high in lycopene” according to the doctor. Manoj K. Ahuja.

3. Diabetes-Friendly

Due to their high fiber content and low Glycaemic Index Guavas can help are able to prevent the growth from diabetic. Although the low glycemic index stops a sudden rise in sugar levels and the fiber content makes sure that sugar levels are controlled.

4. Heart Health

Guava fruit aids in improving the balance of potassium and sodium within the body. thus controlling the blood pressure for those suffering from hypertension. Guavas also aid in lowering the levels of triglycerides as well as bad cholesterol (LDL) which contribute to the development of heart diseases. The magical fruit increases levels of high cholesterol (HDL).

5. Treats Constipation

It is among the highest sources of fiber-rich dietary relative to other fruit and one guava provides around 12percent of the daily recommended intake of fiber and is therefore extremely beneficial for digestion. Guava seeds, if consumed whole or chewed serve as excellent laxatives and aid in the formation of healthy digestive movements.

6. Improves Eyesight

Because of its presence Vitamin A Guava is recognized as a boost for eye health. It’s not just good for preventing loss in eyesight however, it can also enhance eyesight. It can also help to slow down the appearance of cataracts as well as macular degeneration. Guavas may not be as abundant in Vitamin A like carrots, they’re an excellent source of the vitamin.

7. Guava During Pregnancy

Guava’s benefits are also beneficial for pregnant women because it is a source of the mineral folic acid or vitamin B-9 that is suggested for pregnant women as it may assist in the development of the infant’s nervous system and safeguard the infant from neurological problems.

8. Beats Toothache

Guava leaves are an anti-inflammatory effect that is potent as well as a potent antibacterial property that fights infection and eliminates bacteria. So, eating guava leaves can be a wonderful home remedy to treat toothaches. The juice from guava leaves is also known to treat gum inflammation, toothache, or oral ulcers.

9. Stress-Buster

The magnesium content inside the fruit the reason to provide one of the numerous advantages of guava. It assists to ease tension in muscle and the nerves that are in our bodies. After a tough exercise or a long working day A guava drink is the best choice to relax your muscles, ease stress and provide your body with an energy boost.

10. Good for your Brain

“Guavas have vitamin B3 as well as vitamin B6, referred to as pyridoxine and niacin, respectively, that aid in enhancing blood flow towards the brain by activating cognitive functions and easing tension in the nerves” the Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja.

11. Weight Loss

Do you want to lose a few pounds? Guava is the perfect fruit to help you lose weight. While not compromising your intake of vitamins, proteins as well as fiber Guava can help you shed weight by regulating your metabolism. It’s an all-in-one! Guava is a satisfying snack that will satisfy your appetite quickly. Guava, particularly raw guava also contains significantly smaller amounts of sugar in comparison to oranges, apples grapes, and various other fruits.

12. Cough and cold

Guava is among the highest levels of vitamin C and iron in the world of fruits, and both are known to help prevent viral and cold-related illnesses. The juice of unripe and unripe guavas, or the decoction of guava leaves are extremely beneficial in alleviating cold and cough as it helps to get rid of mucus, and also disinfects the throat, respiratory tract and lungs.

13. Anti-Ageing Properties

Guavas are high in vitamin A as well as vitamin C as well as antioxidants such as carotene and lycopene that help keep the skin free of wrinkles. A guava a day, keeps fine lines away!

14. Improves Complexion

Guava can help restore the skin’s radiant and youthful appearance. Get the benefits of guava by making an at-home scrub The only thing you need to do is mix the flesh of guava using an egg yolk, then apply the scrub on your face. Wash off after 20 minutes using warm water. If used twice or once every weekly, the scrub can rid dead cells of your skin, and will lighten your complexion. Guavas are also a good food source for Vitamin K, which helps remove dark circles, skin discoloration redness, acne irritation and other signs of ageing.

15. Enhances Texture

Guavas are astringent in their properties, and guava leaves as well as the ripe ones are even more so. Guava can help to tone up and strengthen the facial muscles. Apply a mixture of leaves and the fruit to your face and voilà!